Dick Cheney in Vancouver

In case you were living under a rock, Dick Cheney came to town to promote his new book. The event was a $500 a head dinner at the Vancouver Club</a>, an exclusive establishment where the wealthiest of the Vancouver elite gather. This club does not have an open membership, and a prospective member requires four other people to vouch for them to join, and despite the pictures on the site, the average membership in this club is over 50.

He was invited by Leah Costello. Who is Leah Costello, you may ask? She is an organizer of events, including this Bon Mot Book Club that has events in Vancouver. When you look at her blogger blog</a>, it’s clear that she was already a member of the Conservative Party of Canada with her invitation for Jason Kenney, the minister of immigration, to speak. There’s other right wing sellouts, such as Patrick Moore, Ezra Levant, Sarah Palin and she hangs out with scum of the Earth like fucking Karl Rove.

So, we have this right-wing socialite politico and Fraser Institute troll who doesn’t seem to understand that Dick Cheney actually fucking tortured people, and then bragged about it. It’s easy for people like StopWar to yell insults at Dick Cheney, since he’s big and public, but I think it’s far more interesting to focus on the Leah Costellos of the world, and all the people she invited to her soiree to listen to a war criminal speak, since these people are the people who finance governments such as the Bush Regime and the Harper Regime. These are the 1% that would like nothing more than to see the other 99% wiped off the planet as long as they can become wealthier.

Dick Cheney is a vile individual, and I don’t see him getting any more powerful in my lifetime. I don’t view Cheney as a threat, and I hope he dies as quickly and as painfully as possible. Who I do see as a threat are all these fuckers who paid $500 a plate to listen to this piece of shit talk about how he doesn’t believe that waterboarding is torture. These are the people who fund the NPA, the BC Liberals, the Conservative Party of Canada. These are the people who determine public policy and sit on the boards of corporations in BC. I hope these people are identified, we find out who they are, where they live, what they do and how we can stop these motherfuckers, because these people need to be stopped.

Update:</strong> BTW, I don’t think picking a fight with security guards and the rich is super useful. While it’s hilarious to watch some rich asshole get punched in the face by someone who makes less than him, that means assault charges for that person, and probably a law suit if they are identified. It’s fucking sad when I agree with this blog by the Province</a>. This is batshit crazy, and this behaviour scares the shit out of other people who are engaging in Non-Violent Civil Disobedience. We need to stop them, and beating them up won’t do it, not by a long shot!