The Mothercorpse

You wouldn’t know it from watching Mainstream Media, but there’s been a sizeable group of dedicated activists who have been maintaining a presence at a park near Wall Street in New York for the past week now. This group is the Occupy Wall Street, and they claim to represent “the 99%” that aren’t wealthy. Regardless what your opinion of their tactics, or their effectiveness,

What’s interesting is the fact that other than Strombo, CBC hasn’t covered any of the protests. The question is why the CBC hasn’t covered any of it, since they are a national broadcaster and aren’t as subject to the whims of the advertisers as others. Therefore, it’s time to request information from them about why.

The thing is that the CBC is the WORST for when it comes to the Access to Information Act, where they are known for not returning any information back at all. I’m thinking of requesting the following information from them.

  • All information from CBCNews about any decision on whether or not to cover the activities of activists occupying Wall St, New York</li>
  • All information from CBC News about their communications with WikiLeaks over the Afghan War Diaries, the Iraq War Logs and the WikiLeaks Cables</li> </ul> I expect these to be buried, and to languish in a hole somewhere, never to actually be seen again. However, I expected the exact same thing when I first started doing this ATIP hobby, so that's more than fair.