Abdelrazik gets more documents

Abousfian Abdelrazik</a> is the example of what the Canadian Government can do if it decides that you are an enemy of the Canadian state. The Sudanese-Canadian, who went to visit his sick mother, was kept as a prisoner in a Canadian Embassy for years, because CSIS wanted to buy time for the CIA to send him to Guatanamo Bay. This has been know for a while by those of us who follow WikiLeaks documents about Canada.

Worse yet, it seems that not only was CSIS involved, the shady Privy Council Office</a> were involved. The Privy Council Office is the highest civil service office in the country, and they assist the cabinet of the Government of Canada. It appears that they mostly consist of people who have a complete disregard for human rights, and have no respect for what it means to actually be a citizen of a country on the planet, let alone a Canadian.

What’s interesting is the fact that these documents are CSIS documents. CSIS documents are extremely rare, partly due to the CSIS practice of never actually saving anything on disk that can be used for ATIP, and only maintaining hard copies of their documents (or so they claim), but the fact that the Globe and Mail got them is amazing. It’s possible that Abdelrazik or his lawyer got these and decided to release them to the press, which is equally amazing.

The only thing that I find comforting is the fact that the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade has people in the embassies who actually follow the rule of law. Considering that their bosses in the Privy Council Office clearly do not, nor does CSIS is troubling to say the least.

Honestly, a part of me thinks its time to get another passport, maybe from a country with a fucking backbone who can stand up to the United States. However, those are few and far between.