Teaser: Definition of IIF

One of the first ATIP requests that I’ve gotten was about this thing that appeared all over my files, namely the IIF. I recently tracked down two of my old ATIPs, and I got the definition of what the IIF is from Normand Sirois:

IIF stands for Information Intake Form. The IIF was designed to handle unsolicited information received and collected usually from the public via: telephone tip-line (hot-line), walk-in, email, fax, or regular mail. The IIF is used to manage and track this information collected from a person, usually referred to as complainant or witness, such as the information provider’s name, address, and telephone numbers, as well as details of the complaint and the investigator’s comments.</em>

Unsolicited information is the key to this definition. This is information that the RCMP did not seek out themselves. Instead, someone decided that they would keep track of me and that they would report my every move to the RCMP. This could be someone who believed that I was a real threat to the Olympics, but far more likely, it’s one of my many enemies. When I think of who were enemies between 2008 and now, I think of the following people: