First Guilluame, then me, then Dawn...

Recently, a friend of mine, Dawn Paley of the Dominion and the Vancouver Media Coop recently got back her RCMP Privacy Act paperwork, and she got about half the documents that I got. The thing with her was that she was never actually visited by the RCMP. In her piece, Dangerous Ideas: Files from the Olympic Thought Police</a>, it shows the physical surveillance of her movements for months, and the file focuses on two specific dates.

The first of these dates is August 16, 2009. The reason this is signficant is not clear unless you have access to the ORN mailing list like what I have. I was reminded that this is the time where people were starting to have public meetings to go to Victoria to disrupt the Olympic Relay. That meeting in question was being watched by Bill Yake of the RCMP outside of Spartacus. It’s also significant because I didn’t go to Spartacus Books that day, because I was being flagged by the CBSA for secondary inspection.

The second date of note is November 26, 2009. This is the date when the Impact on Communities Coalition held a panel on the Security Preparations of the V2010ISU, and this night was extremely eventful with people getting into shouting matches with each other, and Bud Mercer being booed by an entire audience. The thing with that is that Dawn wasn’t at that event at all, nor was Guilluame, however if you look at our files, we are all on the same file in PRIME.

What I find irritating is that nobody I know has any video from that night, even though four groups were recording that night in question. I asked Conrad Schmidt of the Work Less Party, who did the Five Ring Circus documentary</a>, and he said he no longer had the tape. I know that other people in the community had recorded it, but no recordings have appeared at all today.

Dawn’s files expose the existence of the V2010ISU-JIG’s Primary Intelligence Investigation Team, which makes sense since the G20 had the same security structure. I know that Tim Groves requested their briefing documents and has been stonewalled by RCMP ATIP on those documents.

Dawn’s files also expose numerous people who acted as informants or were undercover officers in the Olympic Resistance Network and the general radical community in Vancouver. This is especially troubling, since these people may be still at large in the community, worse yet, we can’t ever say who they were or provide pictures without us being arrested like how Dan Kellar was for exposing the G20 infiltrator.

The likelihood of us getting much more information about the details of the V2010ISU’s surveillance at this point is pretty close to nil, since after looking at my files, it seems that the RCMP have enough justification to say that ORN was a criminal enterprise, which would ruin our chances to go to the discovery phase of getting the documents. Even though I did get 80 pages, that’s 80 pages out of 600 pages, most of which was denied since it was gathered to suppress a crime. It should be noted that I won’t get most of those documents for at least 19 more years, if at all.

However, we may be able to piece together more of the puzzle, and have the documents available for when activists organise against the state once more. I know that I won’t personally be doing anything due to the whole having a kid thing, but I seriously despise the RCMP and will do everything I can legally do to make their jobs harder, which is expose their tactics, their lies and make it harder for their officers to do their jobs, and to advocate for people to use legal means to resist the oppression of the RCMP.

(Update: Needed to complete a sentence here so that this post would make a bit more sense. Should have explained what we can’t get more information on)