VMC ATIP Project Update

I recently received my package of ATIP confirmation letters from CSIS today. I sent out 7 requests to CSIS and they are as follows:

  • 117-2011-83: All infomration gathered by CSIS on Spartacus Books and People's Coop Bookstore in Vnaocuver from 1984 to 2011</li>
  • 117-2011-84: All information gathered by CSIS on the German Hacker Organization known as the Chaos Computer Club from 1984 to 2011</li>
  • 117-2011-85: Communications between the G8/G20ISU and CSIS from June 2008 until August 2010 regarding threats to the G20 summit - Rephrased!</li>
  • 117-2011-82: All information regarding CSIS involvement with the WikiLeaks Task Force headed by DFAIT between November 2010 and August 2011</li>
  • 117-2011-81: Communications between the V2010ISU-JIG and CSIS from June 2008 until August 2010 regarding threats to the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics - Abandoned</li>
  • 117-2011-80: Copies of the various ATIA requests (Meta ATIP)</li>
  • 117-2011-79: All information regarding the investigation of violations of the Security of Information Act (leaks) from January 2008 until August 2011. Please include any policy and procedure documents with this request</li> </ul> CSIS is super evasive with these requests. They were all too quick to cash my cheques, but they made me abandon one request and rephrase another request. They also call at 7:30 Pacific Time, while it's not totally awful, isn't exactly the best time. Also, I've been trying to get a hold of CSIS regarding the $97 fee, however whenever I try calling them, I just get their answering machine. I've sent them an e-mail but I have no idea whether they will get back to me. There are a few outstanding acknowledgement letters expected to come from the CBSA. I'm going to see what happens with that as well. I also have to make 5 more requests for this project as well.