Children aren't morons!

It looks like the “Save our Children” front has gotten even more insane! A new website called CultureGuard</a> that was created on August 11, 2011 issued a press release and is declaring war on the program “Out in Schools” and “Out on Screen”. The videos on the site somehow seem to assume that children are completely stupid, that people who are gay aren’t born gay, and that somehow the Out in Schools and Out on Screen societies are somehow looking to lure children into Homosexual Activity. Their targets also include the Options for Sexual Health clinics and their “Won’t get weird” advertisements.

This person named Kari Simpson says she’s the president of this group. She talks about wars with “Homosexist Activists” as part of the Citizens Research Institute, which doesn’t have a website anymore. It seems that she is waging a personal war against sexual education in schools including any information about homosexuality. Now, somehow she believes that the best way for people to get information about sex is to talk to their parents. The reality is that most parents aren’t gay by the virtue of the fact that they’re PARENTS! That means they’re breeders, and since the state won’t let gay parents adopt, they won’t know most of the gay slang that people are talking about. So, if their parents don’t know, or won’t talk about things, where are children supposed to get this information from? The Internet? How fucked up is a kid going to be if they get their sexual information from 4chan?

OK, so it’s clear that Kari Simpson isn’t this lady’s real name. So, I did a simple whois request, and this is what I found:

   Kari Graham
   22678-28th Ave
   Langley, BC  V2Z 3B2

   Registrar: NAMESDIRECT
      Created on: 11-AUG-11
      Expires on: 11-AUG-13
      Last Updated on: 11-AUG-11

   Administrative, Technical Contact:
      Graham, Kari
      22678-28th Ave
      Langley, BC  V2Z 3B2

   Domain servers in listed order:

End of Whois Information

So, it doesn't surprise me that she comes from the bastion of tolerance that is Langley, BC.  Home to Focus on the Family, Trinity Western University, and other God Fearing Bible Thumping assholes!  It's clear that when you visit the site that it's a typical "think of the children" ploy, that I would normally avoid if these two things were not true:
  • I'm a new parent</li>
  • This bullshit is happening in Burnaby, not in Langley</li> </ul> Intolerance from people like Ms. Graham and other "think of the children" is going to set both queer rights and womens rights back decades by pushing children back in the closet. Furthermore, it's going to put children at risk of unsafe sexual practices which will spread diseases such as HIV/AIDS. It's critically important that people get involved in this debate, since we're NOT experts, and getting information in schools about what is in the real world is MUCH better than having your kids learn about sex from the Internet. BTW: When registering a domain, pay the extra $2 for privacy. Publishing your address on the Internet is stupid.