Victoria Anarchist Bookfair

I’ve been asked to give a talk on Basic Cryptography for Activists for quite a while, and I decided to attempt it in Victoria. It’s mostly standard fare, but with the focus on events that happened in the local area. It’s about 600k in PDF form, and the download can be seen here. As usual, I’ve added the SHA1SUM so you can see that it’s the same ones that I uploaded.

One thing that I wish I did was demonstrate how to use simple tools like TrueCrypt, Tor and OTR. Despite all the FUD surrounding Tor by the tinfoil hat crowd, I still think it’s pretty good at what it does. I also made sure to mention</a>, which is totally awesome as well.

I think that next year I’m going to have to start bringing hardware to get to people, either in the form of laptops or at the very least USB keys. Sharing a computer is very much like sharing a toothbrush, and I don’t recommend it.

vab_slides.pdf</a> - SHA1SUM: 77ded2b2a79b05fd0027db7a34afe47d200c781a