CSIS update: $97.40

I recently got a letter back from CSIS indicating that they want $97.40 to cover the reproduction costs to give me 487 pages of Security and Terrorist Threat assessments to the G8 and G20 summits. This is a lot of documents, but the fact that they want to charge me for reproduction is kinda insane, since this probably already exists as a PDF that they can e-mail to me, or copy onto a CD or DVD and send me via mail at around $5.00 to them.

One thing that I did find comical is where they said I could save reproduction costs by examining the records instead of receiving my own copies. They said that I could attend the CSIS Reading Room in Ottawa, Ontario. Of course, the last time I checked, if I wanted to go before the deadline, it would cost me $900 to fly there and back, not including the cost of a Hotel or Hostel that I would stay in, assuming that I couldn’t crash at someone’s place in Ottawa.

Unlike the VPD request, this is still in the realm of possibility, and if I have to pay it, I will. However, if I can get them to copy it onto CD instead, I’ll pay them the cost to do that as well, which I suspect will be roughly $5, unless they really don’t have these reports in PDF.

Overall, this does read like a form-letter, and I’m surprised that they don’t use e-mail. Overall, so far I have to say that the RCMP, despite their long delays and questions that go around in circles, have been the easiest people to get information out of. This isn’t so much as praise for the RCMP as it is criticism of the rest of the Provincial and Federal Government.

At least CSIS uses nice paper!