The VMC Access to Information Project

Recently, the Vancouver Media Coop</a> gave me $150 to sink into ATIP. I’ve used the majority of the funds already. Unlike the other files, which I keep on the server, these documents will be first on VMC before they make it back here to Paroxysms. The best thing about it is that I can choose what I ask for. Because I don’t want another “No Results Found” request, I made sure to make most of these requests based on the previous documents, which means even more information from the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit and the G8/G20 Integrated Security Unit.

The requests that I have ongoing are as follows:

A-2011-00567</td>DND</td>Emails, Breifing Notes, Memos and Reports regarding CSEC involvement with the WikiLeaks Task Force (WTF) headed by DFAIT between November 1, 2010 and August 20, 2011</td></tr>
A-2011-00565</td>DND</td>Breifing Notes, memos and reports regarding the establishment/creation of the Tutte Institute</td></tr>
A-2011-00566</td>DND</td>Briefing Notes, Memos, and reports created August 2009 to August 2011 regarding the handling of communications intercepted by CSEC that originate from a Canadian in a Foreign Country</td></tr>
GA-3951-3-04382/11</td>RCMP</td>A copy of the V2010ISU-JIG Strategic Intelligence Reports for December 2008, January 2009 and March 2010</td></tr>
GA-3951-3-04381/11</td>RCMP</td>All information gathered by the V2010ISU-JIG on the Purple Thistle Centre throughout the existance of the JIG - UPDATE: All withheld</strong></td></tr>
GA-3951-3-04434/11</td>RCMP</td>All information regarding the VIVO Safe Assembly Area Radio and monitoring of the radio spectrum by the V2010ISU during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games - UPDATE: Nothing found</strong></td></tr>
GA-3951-3-04380/11</td>RCMP</td>All information regarding Special I and Special O activities in the V2010ISU</td></tr>
GA-3951-3-04379/11</td>RCMP</td>All information about teams/groups operating inside the V2010ISU-JIG</td></tr>
GA-3951-3-04378/11</td>RCMP</td>All information regarding counter-intelligence operations of the V2010ISU-JIG</td></tr>
GA-3951-3-4376/11</td>RCMP</td>All information gathered by the V2010ISU-JIG on Spartacus Books and Camas Books</td></tr>
GA-3951-3-4435/11</td>RCMP</td>All information gathered by the V2010ISU-JIG on Vancouver Media Coop, the Dominion and</td></tr>
GA-3951-3-4436/11</td>RCMP</td>All information gathered by the V2010ISU-JIG on the Victoria, Vancouver and Edmonton Anarchist Bookfairs</td></tr>
GA-3951-3-4433/11</td>RCMP</td>The June 2009 Strategic Intelligence Report of the V2010ISU-JIG</td></tr> </table> I sent four to CSIS, one of which was abandoned, and one of which was revised, but I haven't received the official receipts for them yet. I also sent some to the CBSA as well. I also received the Privacy Act request I made on the earlier request about the V2010ISU-JIG investigation into the ORN, APC and Apparently, the request ended up in review hell, and Normand Sirois, the person who has to deal with my requests, trying to get the information reviewed and out the door sending numerous copies of CDs for review. The main person who appears to be responsible for redacting the information and clogging up all stuff relating to Vancouver 2010 is Staff Sgt. John Cater, who is the main gatekeeper when it comes to the data in the V2010ISU database. Cater's career is extremely long and he's been involved with all the major cases, most notably the case of the missing and murdered women in the DTES. He also teaches at Douglas College, and apparently has very good ratings on</a>. He's a very visible RCMP officer on the Internet, which is rather strange, since they're supposed to have a super low profile online for obvious reasons. There are a few problems with the most recent document that keeps me from releasing it so far:
  • My personal info is all over it</li>
  • The documents have a LOT of copypasta ("Please send documents to the ATIP office, etc")</li> </ul> I'll burst the PDF and see if I can piece something more relevant. However, I'm wondering if I'm the only person who does Privacy Act follow-ups to their ATIP requests. This seems like something that would be standard practice for research, since it doesn't cost you anything to do, and it's low-hanging fruit for the ATIP units/offices that boosts their year end reports to the Privacy Commissioner and the Information Commissioner. One thing's for sure, the quest for more info won't end any time soon.