Post 100: Why the NPA are batshit insane

David Eby</a> has covered the fact that the NPA is a party full of mean-spirited old white folk that would love nothing more than to see myself, my family, and the majority of my friends run out of town, completely financially destroyed, thrown in jail or killed. While I despise the NPA like I would despise any sociopath that would want to cause me physical and financial harm, and consider NPA politicians as people less than human, I would like to highlight the history of this party and why this party belongs in the dustbin of history, since there is already a right-of-center party called Vision Vancouver that goes out of their way to violate constitutional rights, and is in the back pocket of the people who finance this city, namely the condo developers.

The NPA is the party of Gordon Campbell, Phillip Owen and Sam Sullivan. I don’t have to go into why Gordon Campbell sucks, since I think that’s pretty obvious. For anyone who remembers Citizen Sam, he had a documentary where he was running against Jim Green for Mayor. If you want to see the batshit crazy that passes for an NPA mayor, watch the trailer to Citizen Sam</a>.

As for Phillip Owen</a>, he’s a pretty boring mayor, which is why his political career lasted as long as it did. Some people may argue that he is a sociopath based on the comments of the Pickton investigation, which does support the thesis, he is the mayor who came up with the Four Pillars Drug Policy, which includes harm reduction and the creation of InSite. In fact, he was so boring and normal, that Jennifer Clarke decided to dethrone him and run in an election against Larry Campbell, which she then lost. Owen was also mayor when Vancouver initiated the bid to get the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, for this I’ll always consider him an asshole.

The NPA</a> themselves were a right-wing party with one purpose, to keep the reds out of city hall. They were created to counter the CCF, the forerunner to the NDP, and since they managed to keep a stranglehold on city hall in the old days, they’re responsible for the Gastown Riots, as well as Gerry McGeer, who personally hated Communists and tried to run them out of Vancouver.

There’s only one problem with the current line of thinking of the NPA, which is that the Communists taking over isn’t a threat anymore. Their main opponents, Vision Vancouver, tow the line of Green Capitalism. While there may be some members in the party that were ex-NDP, they come from the mainstream corporate unions and they are at times as crazy as the NPA when it comes to supporting the police.

In the last election, Peter Ladner was the mayoral candidate who was running against Gregor Robertson, the current Mayor of Vancouver. Peter was a shrewd guy, and someone who I truly disliked, mostly because he had the best chance of becoming mayor of Vancouver out of all of the people in the NPA camp. It was already determined that Sam Sullivan was the Worst Mayor ever, and that if the NPA had any hope in hell of not being totally wiped out, they’d have to go with Peter Ladner. However, near the end of the election, Peter Ladner turned into Crazy Pete and talked about how the NPA had to stop the Communists from taking over city hall. He was dead serious about this as well.

It’s clear by talking to Gregor Robertson and the Vision people that they are NOT Communists, in fact they aren’t even leftists. They are a center-right party of Green Capitalists who want to essentially maintain the status quo, build more bike lanes, open more data, get more condos built and generally keep things at city hall boring and uneventful as possible. This seems to resonate with the majority of Vancouverites, who don’t really give a shit about the bike lanes, and like the idea that Gregor is not a complete sociopath like the last few Mayors of Vancouver were. If I thought this election was going to be close, I’d vote for Gregor to keep the NPA out, but honestly, I’d like to see the NPA go to the dustbin of history and disappear forever. Vancouver doesn’t need the poor-bashing nastiness, or a City Council that despises everyone who would never vote for them. The NPA should just deal with the fact that they live in a city, or just pass away like the out-of-touch old people that they are. They’re not a relevant party anymore to anyone under the age of 40 who isn’t a complete asshole, and they don’t belong in City Hall.