Tinfoil Hat Time: Lawful Access + E-Voting

Elections Canada seems to have completely lost their fucking minds. This CBC story</a> indicates that they are looking to start a trial of e-voting software, most likely during a by-election in some riding in Ontario. Considering that Federal Elections are the elections with the highest stakes in Canada, the person who hacks the vote, runs the country.

But it gets worse. Since the RCMP will soon be able to find out names and addresses associated with an IP Address, they can find out who you voted for, and if you voted wrong, you could find yourself on a list to be rounded up. This may sound like scare tactics to some people, but I think that this is the solution that the Conservatives are coming up with that will allow them to hang onto power permanently.

In short, We’re still totally, and completely fucked.

OK, time to actually read the source. Elections Canada did release a report about the last election</a>, sanitized and declaring the last election a triumph that ran smoothly, despite the whole Guelph shenanigans with the Conservatives stealing the ballot box. They did discuss the fact that turnout was low (yet not the lowest), and when you do a search for “electronic”, it mentions electronic signatures for nominations, as well as Electronic Voter Registration. Now, electronic voter registration makes sense since you still require another piece of ID to prove that you are who you say you are. Now, we know you could hack the vote and do mail-in ballot already with this method, but I’m sure there are ways around it.

Now, I don’t think that Canada is going to get Electronic Voting in time for the next election unless Stephen Harper is REALLY trying to rig the elections to stay in power forever. What I do predict is that people will be able to register to vote online and may even get a reminder on Twitter or via e-mail in the next election. The case against Electronic Voting is far too great even now to try it.

This is all a question of whether this is malice or stupidity. The test is whether this actually happens or not.