While I was out!

I’m checking my RSS reader, and apparently a group of organizations (including FIPA, and, as well as Michael Geist) sent an open letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper</a> regarding the new Omnibus Crime Bill which I mentioned earlier. This crime bill will totally fuck us over, and if I thought that my signature would have helped, I would have signed this thing too. It did get some much needed press at CBC</a>, but I don’t think that anyone is really doing what it takes to stop this bill!

I will say this, and I guess this is probably because I’m getting older. I’m actually have to admit that I miss having Stockwell Day around. I was super happy that he retired because I believed him to be one of the evil bible-thumping weirdos that seeked to put me in jail, but the fact that he believed in warrants</a> before doing any investigation makes me a bit happier about the whole fucked-up-ness of him joining the TELUS Board of Directors. The thing with Stockwell is that he had right-wing radical friends, and he did all he could to protect those right-wing radical friends from the RCMP coming down on them. Those same protections also meant that the RCMP had to jump through hoops to come after people like you or me. Ever since he left Public Safety, shit has been hitting the fan in a rocket-assisted fashion, as the G8, G20 and the Omnibus Crime Bill is showing us now.

Olympia Anarchist MC gets his files</a>: First Scott Crow, and now MC Strife has his files. The files indicate the campaign that the police had against the Anarchist MC, including e-mails talking about Domestic Terrorism and targeting his performances and movements.