The CBSA and the Olympics: More Secret Lists

After I got my Privacy Act request back from the Canada Border Services Agency, I requested information on three nameless project IDs. What I got back were the files related to the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. This file, while mostly redacted does have a secret list of persons, as well as certain vehicles, and mentions not only the ORN people, but also the protests at the Spirit Train, and other activities during the games.

The list appears to have roughly thirty people on it at first glance and is not the completely open-ended list that the V2010ISU-JIG maintained. I’m going to be filing a complaint with the Information Commissioner challenging the redactions, but I’m also going to be filing more ATIPs against this document, since it refers to a wide range of events and people, but provides almost no information.

As usual, here is the file. The only thing redacted are some of personal details. It’s actually quite unnerving to get files from the CBSA right after crossing the border back into Canada and dealing directly with them.

cbsa_2010_intel.pdf</a> - SHA1SUM: 2fdc4a95fadbe989ae8dbbe18ef59726e0b3286c