Updated G8/G20ISU Org Charts

While there’s not a full organizational chart for the G8-G20ISU, I did ask the ATIP office for a more-readable chart. I have the Abbreviated Chart, as well as a more comprehensive Ops Chart. These charts are far more elaborate than the old V2010ISU charts that were originally found by whoever requested them.

The chart clearly shows Inspector Rod McCann in charge of the JIG in this case, which has been established numerous times in other documents. However, what IS interesting is Ops Unit Chart, which shows that the G8 and the G20 had their own unique units who were in charge of Surveillance and Intelligence, and Counter-Surveillance. Sadly, the names of the officers in charge of those units are extremely generic and I can’t find much more information about them.

The redactions on these charts seem almost non-sensical. For example, the OPP G8 Coordinator’s name on the Planning Chart is redacted, as is the name of the North Bay Police Coordinator. Also, it should be noted that these redactions appear to be done with masking tape.

At any rate, here are the documents. This has already caused me to review the documents that I already have to see if I missed anything at any rate.