G8-G20 ISU Documents

A while ago, someone requested the files outlining the V2010ISU budget, memorandums of understanding for the different bodies in V2010ISU as well as the contracts for the security fence for the Olympics. This was originally done by the Solidarity for Anti-Olympics Arrestees group (SACA), and revealed a lot of information about the Olympics, including an organizational chart that didn’t show the V2010ISU-JIG, but showed who their bosses were. Based on the success of this request, I requested the exact same thing for the G20.

I managed to get them, but I got even less information. The information that I did get talked about the budget, as well as who called the shots in Toronto (It was TPS after all, with RCMP leasing officers to them). The major problem with the G8-G20ISU is that the organizational charts are all completely blurry, and it’s not clear who’s in charge of any of it. I’m asking the RCMP right now for a higher resolution version of the organizational chart, since it’s too blurry to be readable, but if I fail at that, I’m going to be filing another complaint with the Information Commissioner.

Also, I recently received a call from the Information Commissioner investigator, and they’re currently looking into the refusal of the RCMP to disclose the number of people on the list. I think that I have a persuasive enough case to actually get the number of persons of interest on the secret list. I do also plan on getting the Persons of Interest list from the G8-G20ISU if someone else doesn’t beat me to it.

Here’s the documents. Since they’re straight from the RCMP, they have cryptic names, however the documents are fairly straight forward, and have been mostly reported elsewhere: