The Threat Assessments of the V2010ISU

One of the first requests that I did was for all documents relating to the Olympic Resistance Network, and the Anti-Poverty Committee. I finally received that today and the first thing that I’m doing after writing this article is filing a complaint with the Information Commissioner because there are no documents pertaining to

What I did get is a list of news stories that the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit felt were actually important. I also found out that I alone was a target on the same scale as the Olympic Resistance Network, and the Anti-Poverty Committee and that I have my own threat analysis. I first appear as an independent threat in the January 2009 Threat Assessment of the V2010ISU. This is probably after the V2010ISU first read my old blog.

There are interesting tidbits in the document, including the JIG’s comments about the Spirit Train protests out in Port Moody which successfully disrupted the spirit train. The mention comments about an ORN member throwing a light bulb filled with paint at a marked police car. The most interesting being the 2010 Torch Relay Threat Environment which details the Olympic Torch Relay protests and in particular singles out No 2010 Victoria, the Olympic Resistance Network and People’s Global Action Bloc-Ottawa.

The document also mentions the following groups in Southern Ontario that disrupted the Coca Cola Torch Exhibition Tour, which is something that I was not even aware of until I saw these documents. Various groups that were active in Southern Ontario are mentioned, and I’m certain that intelligence between the G8-G20ISU and the V2010ISU was shared when you look into the document further. They also expected that the Anti-Poverty Committee and the Olympic Resistance Network would send people out to Toronto to participate in the G20 protests.

The exemptions in this document appear to be from 13(1)</a>, 16(1), 16(2)</a> and 19(1)</a> of the Access to Information Act. I’m going to try to request these files again, since I found that when I requested the exact file, the file was less redacted than it was previously. That being said, I’m still going to be filing a complaint to the Information Commissioner about this release, since the majority of these Threat Assessments are still classified as Secret and are for Canadian Eyes Only.

ORN_threat.pdf</a> - The Vancouver 2010 Threat Assessments, Open Source Intelligence and Strategic Intelligence Reports. These are mostly redacted. - SHA1SUM: 6a1bdc76715abf0ba71c124ea87c165cce3a2697