Special I

Yesterday, I just got new documents that talk about the RCMP’s Special I unit. Special I unit has been mentioned on this blog in the past as the RCMP unit that handles “Lawful Access” aka the spying cops. I recently got six pages about Special I with an equal amount of paperwork indicating all the exemptions under the Access to Information Act. This one uses exemption 15(1), 16(1) and 19(1).

This also includes the worst logo ever.

<img src=”” alt=”” title=”ugly_logo” width=”300” height=”140” class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-489” /></a>

The Special “I” section’s mandate is to work with their partners to provide tactical covert surveillance, based on the needs of their clients to provide evidence as required by the laws in Canada. The big question is who the clients are. Would they be members of the RCMP, the Crown Counsel and the courts, large companies? Who exactly is a client of Special “I” and how do they differ in practice from CSIS and CSE who also spy on people.

The Covert Intercept Unit is a policy center, and deals with the legal part of it, and the CTU appears to be the skunkworks that develops the new technology that can be used to target and spy on the average Canadian. It says that the CIU provides guidance to other police forces and security agencies, which implies that they probably talk to the municipal police forces such as the VPD and TPS.

This document, despite the fact that it’s extremely brief is probably one of the more important documents that I received from the RCMP since it does indicate that there’s the infrastructure in place from the RCMP’s side to pursue a national spying program in Canada once Lawful Access legislation is passed in the fall.

Anyway, here’s the documents, as usual: Special_I.pdf</a> - SHA1SUM: 07c58c0e09afa471625bca07dd1242531b8f4ef3