Talk Accepted and Announced

The cat is out of the bag.</a> I submitted a talk based on the material written here, and it was accepted. I’m going to be speaking about the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit at the Chaos Communications Camp 2011.

The description on the Fahrplan is not entirely accurate, since times change. For one, Byron Sonne is no longer in jail and is under house arrest. Also, I will only be releasing material that has already been published, and no material that is not already in the public domain will be released. The primary focus of the talk will be the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games, mainly because I live in Vancouver and it was the practice round for the G8/G20. I will be discussing the V2010ISU’s use of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and how they used Facebook, Blogs and Twitter to track everyone who opposed the 2010 Games. I will be drawing parallels to what happened during the G20 and using materials provided by Tim Groves in my presentation.

I also will be acknowledging all the people who did the research and the organization of the groups that opposed the Olympics and the G8/G20. The Olympic Resistance Network and the Toronto Community Mobilization Network did solid organizing work to organize protests, and while it feels anti-climactic at the end of it all at times, both groups did an excellent job.

I try to not post where I’m going, but it’s already all over the Internet anyway!