GAMMA and Political Repression

Recently, Jaggi Singh tweeted about an article in the Montreal Journal about GAMMA. GAMMA is a group that was set up by the Montreal Police’s Organized Crime Unit to keep track of Anarchist activities in Montreal. Signalfire</a> has a good English Language summary of it, and includes the French Language links as well.

It’s rather frightening that GAMMA exists and that the Montreal Police consider certain political opinions to be reason for someone to be under surveillance. However, it’s not surprising given what we learned about the G8-G20 ISU and the V2010ISU, and it’s very likely that the Vancouver Police Department has the same unit that caused 12th and Clark to shut down.

Very early on when I was filing ATIP, I requested EVERYTHING the RCMP had on Anarchist activities in BC from the entire span that Spartacus Books was open, from 1973 to 2011. I got a call back saying that this was too vague, and I narrowed it down to the most active Anarchist groups, including 12th and Clark. I still haven’t heard back from the RCMP regarding that ATIP request, even though I know the cheque has been cashed. I’m going to have to use the Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Act of BC to request info out of the VPD to see if they have a GAMMA-like outfit and how long the GAMMA-like outfit has been operating. It’s extremely likely that they do, given the fact that the VPD had an extremely antagonistic relationship with the Anti-Poverty Committee when it existed, as well as with other groups that were members of the Olympic Resistance Network.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe that I will get a response in time for CCCamp, but I will try my best to publish whatever I find up here on the blog so that we can see what is going on, and which groups the VPD was looking to infiltrate and neutralize.

UPDATE:</strong> They’re new, and my French reading skills need work!