Canadian Leaker

Back in 2007, Jeff Monaghan</a> was an employee of Environment Canada who allegedly leaked documents regarding the secret plans of the Conservative Government to disregard the Kyoto protocol, which they released publicly ten days later. I remember hearing about it because I was on the InfoshopNetwork mailing list, and there was a statement by the EXILE Infoshop</a> Collective in Ottawa.

What I didn’t know is that Jeff Monaghan released documents in 2008 regarding a Criminal Intelligence investigation into his activities. Like me, Jeff Monaghan was a “Person of Interest” and he was mostly under suspicion because of the EXILE bookstore and the fact that he was in a punk band that had a picture of a cartoon plane flying into the parliament buildings. They tell the Tech Crime unit that they need their assistance to do Open Source Intelligence gathering, which is how they get the majority of the information that they gather on Monaghan.

They also talk about who registered the Exile Books domain, and they redact the info even though it’s publicly available here</a>. What I find the most interesting from the document that he got through the Privacy Act is that there is an Integrated Cyber Analysis Team (ICAT) which is apparently part of INSET. I’m curious as to whether this has anything to do with Special I.

Anyway, here’s a link</a> to the document on the CBC website. If Jeff Monaghan has a file after his leak, I’m certain that the Senate Page Brigette DePape, who held up the “STOP HARPER” sign has a file as well. In fact, I think anyone who ever volunteered at a radical bookstore has a file based on the similarities between the Monaghan files and my own.

This is old news, but it definitely corresponds with the recent revelations that we’ve been getting from the V2010ISU, the G8/G20 ISU as well as the existance of GAMMA.