Who is Alphonse MacNeil?

The one thing that bugged me about the G8/G20 ISU is the fact that even though the RCMP was in charge of it, everyone seems to have completely forgotten who the top commander of the G8/G20 ISU was. The Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit had a very visible chief, Bud Mercer, who was known for pissing off members of VANOC and ORN alike with his no-nonsense, “I’m going to beat the shit out of some fucking hippies” attitude. In fact, having seen him in person, that’s the exact vibe I got.

Well, for those people who don’t know who was in charge of the largest arrest in Canadian History, I would like to introduce Alphonse MacNeil</a>, the current head of the RCMP in Nova Scotia. Yes, even though this guy completely fucked up the G8/G20, arrtested over 1100 people, most of whom were never charged, and wasted a BILLION dollars, he got PROMOTED</a>!

I think this should piss everyone off in Eastern Canada. I mean, Bill Blair and the Toronto Police Service are complete fucking incompetents, and that’s being spread everywhere, but the fact that incompetence is rewarded in the RCMP by promoting the guy who fucked up the chain of command so bad that it caused the kettling issue is fucking insane. We also have no idea about the full scale of the infiltration other than what Tim Groves is currently uncovering in his ATIPs.

Finally, I guess nobody arrested at the G20 watches Strombo</a>, because I’d want this fucker fired from the RCMP for screwing up so bad that he made a shitty city even worse.

So, lesson here is that if you’re the head of an Integrated Security Unit, it doesn’t matter that you were called into the Air India Inquiry, or if you completely fuck up and arrest 1100 people without any reason, violating their civil liberties, you’ll get promoted to a cushy position. At least Bud Mercer retired, I’d hate to see what would happen if they tapped him to run the RCMP.

BTW: It was this document</a> that tipped me off. Once I had the name, it seems that he was pretty well known. Strange that Bill Blair is the one who has to deal with the Torches and the Pitchforks!