The Aftermath: Social Media and Surveillence

Last night, the Vancouver Canucks lost the Stanley Cup. Around the 2nd Period, when it was clear that the Vancouver Canucks lost the game, people gave up. Normally, this would mean that they would go home and blame it all on Luongo. Instead, since this was Game 7 of the Stanley Cup final, and everyone acted as if success was assured, people felt cheated and decided to take out their frustrations on the City of Vancouver, who were too happy to feed into Canucks fever without thinking that having 100 000 people in the downtown core would be a BAD idea.

If you went to CBC Plaza for any of the Canucks games, you would have known that the security was this low budget private security, and some beat cops. As the crowds grew, the police presence didn’t grow, and by Game 7, you had people getting really good at smuggling booze past the rent-a-cops to go watch the game. I stayed home during Game 7 and listened into the EComm stream to find out what was going on.

It seemed that everyone else did this as well and EComm’s stream went down a couple of times that night. Meanwhile, people watched the CTV stream. CTV, who were too happy to report on the CBC’s failure to keep their event under control, decided that they needed to blame the whole thing on Anarchists. They kept calling the hockey rioters protesters and the coverage from that point sounded completely fucking stupid. CTV did this on purpose, because they do realize that words do have meaning and that if they could make the riots get rid of protests, all the better.

I think any responsible person should think about the following facts:

  • Why the fuck did the City of Vancouver and VPD let the crowd grow so big?</li>
  • What took Burnaby and Richmond RCMP so long to respond to back up VPD? Abbotsford responded faster, and it's an hour away</li>
  • Why were there less cops on average on the street during a Hockey Riot than there are during any political demonstration?</li>
  • Is the BIA going to launch a class action against CBC and the City of Vancouver? They totally should in this case!</li>
  • Will this hand the election to the NPA?</li> </ul> One disturbing trend that came out of all of this is the fact that Social Media is taking it upon themselves to use Facebook to tag the rioters. Given the fact that people mistag photos all the time, I consider this a really bad idea, and dislike the concept of snitch culture. Going after the people who did the rioting isn't going to fix Vancouver's reputation, (nor is it going to reverse time and allow AV to pull Luongo and get Schneider in net during the Boston away games)</em>. The only thing to do now is to clean the city, find out what happened and figure out how to prevent it next time. (HINT: Shut down Skytrain service into Downtown, make trains leave downtown only. Open more live sites outside the city core!)</em> Citizen Snitch is going to make it dangerous for anyone who is the enemy of popular opinion, and I think that we're going to see a lot of people who were caught in the fray get arrested. However, if you're Brock Anton</a>, I think it's fair to say that you're a fucking idiot who's going to jail for a long time.