Intelligence Matters: Spies on Tour

Recently, CSIS set up their new recruiting effort, “Intelligence Matters”. Given the fact that they weren’t intelligent enough to buy better hosting than a VPS on primus</a> is one thing, but also I find it interesting where CSIS is showing up to recruit. This is in resposne to a 2009 report</a> by the firm Decode</a>, which is a consulting firm that did this work on behalf of CSIS.

Other than the fact that CSIS is creepy at Career Fairs (they were when I was in University), it pointed out the fact that CSIS doesn’t pay nearly as well as other positions elsewhere. It also recommended that the site get revamped and that CSIS try to get a more personal connection with the applicants.

What’s interesting is where CSIS is recruiting. CSIS in the past had a problem with everyone being white, and based on their tour dates here, it seems that this is clearly changing. I’m going to list at the ones that stick out in my mind as “Look who’s the next target”.