Mr. Scott Crow

A friend of mine linked to the story of Mr. Scott Crow, a veteran organizer in Austin, Texas, who decided to use the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in the United States to get files on him. Crow seems to be pretty much the same type of Anarchist that I am, with the emphasis on building alternatives to the current society that we currently inhabit. However, unlike myself, Scott Crow seems to be put under surveillance for a relatively local action with a sizeable impact, where I was put under due to my opposition to one of the world’s largest sporting events ever.

While this isn’t anything new, I really hope that Mr. Crow releases the documents online in some form. I hope that they would be almost completely redacted, but I would definitely understand if he was to keep some of the personal material secret, since this material does cover one’s personal life, and just because the FBI in the US or the RCMP in Canada records the material, not everyone would be cool with releasing everything. That’s a personal choice.

At any rate, I highly recommend that people read the article on the New York Times website here</a>.