The importance of sourcing your articles

I’ve been busy with other things in my life recently, that I nearly let this one slip. Luckily, people on r/canada didn’t let this one go by. The CBC reported on something that we all suspected for a while, which is that Canada sends a list of people suspected of terrorist-related activity</a> to the Americans. It seems that everyone that commented on this story would make most of the same comments that I would make regarding the false claims of CSIS, such as this:

A third source, also highly placed in the Canadian intelligence apparatus, objected to the accusation that the process is hidden from scrutiny. He pointed out that the Security Intelligence Review Committee, created to oversee CSIS, has access to all the names and all the deliberations.

“We [CSIS] are the most reviewed service in the world,” he said. He added that he felt sorry for some of those whose names have been released by Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks. “They were not charged or convicted.” </em>

The thing is that we all know that the Security Intelligence Review Committee is a complete joke. If you look at any of the books about CSIS written over the entire period of its existance, the only time CSIS ever gets nailed for anything is when an NDP MP from Britsh Columbia (i.e. Svend Robinson, or more recently Don Davies (had to get the local shout out)) pursues matters such as the targeting of peace groups, or in more recent times allegations of infiltration of various levels of Municipal and Provincial Governments. I’ve reviewed books on CSIS which talks about the lack of oversight that the SIRC has.

Also, isn’t it interesting that CSIS decides to place the blame on Julian Assange, even though they were the ones who were targeting people who were not charged or convicted of any crime? Here’s an idea, how about not targeting innocent people? Of course, they can’t do that, since CSIS would then have nothing to do. I tweeted about the source of the cable, and sure enough when I went to Cablegate and searched for the names of the Toronto 18, I couldn’t find the info. The imporatance of WikiLeaks is the ability to verify sources. If these names were released, it’d be important for the remaining innocent people to be notified so that they could bring legal action against CSIS, or at least know that they too are considered enemies of the Canadian State.

Update:</strong> CSIS sold their source out</a>! Turns out that the CSIS/RCMP informant was on the list of people suspected. This is absolutely insane, and if I had the leak handy, I would write more info on this. All I can say is that this is more proof that you shouldn’t cooperate with CSIS, even when they’re going after people that you don’t like either.