ATIP Update: Process Manual

According to the RCMP, I requested information on the following:

all information about the use of open source surveillence techniques (teams checking Facebook, Twitter, Flick, Blogs, infiltration of activist email lists, etc. used by the Vancouver 2010 Intretrated Security Unit and the G8-G20 Integrated Security Unit between 2007 to present. </em>

I got a response from them, and while it’s actually not very big (a print out from infoweb of their policy manual), it is interesting to see what they have. It’s interesting to see that Part 13 is redacted, as well as part of the role of the Network and Information Operations Team. Also, it’s clear at this point that I need to request an organizational chart of the Technology Crime Bureau, since it’s interesting to see who does what.

Also, the second document, which appears to be the creation of the Internet Monitoring Unit, which ended up producing one of the pieces of evidence used against Jaggi Singh for his conviction of counselling mischief. It explicitly states that the RCMP will monitor twitter.

It’s not clear whether the RCMP has offensive capabilities, however given that there’s an entire section that’s redacted, I would speculate that, yes, in fact I would assume that the RCMP does have some offensive capabilities to try and pwn someone’s box in the course of an investigation. However, I’m sure that’s a form of tradecraft that will have to remain a mystery.

Given the new climate after the last election, I think that we are at the point now where it’s critically important that we understand what the RCMP does since they will be the people knocking down the door when you link to something or fire up Tor or some other form of Anonymity software.

The Files: