I SPOTTED THE FED! RCMP Defcon Receipts and Reports

One of the things that we decided to do at the hackspace was to request information about the RCMP attending DEFCON. For anyone who doesn’t know what DEFCON is, it’s the largest Hacker Con on the planet, and infosec people from all over the world go to this conference. In fact, it’s nicknamed FEDCON due to the huge number of Law Enforcement that attends this conference.

Now, a friend of mine has been a DEFCON Goon for years and has never spotted an RCMP officer or any other person from the conference. Other people claim that they teamed up with CSIS for Capture the Flag and other things like that. It’s funny since I mentioned DEFCON itself on my old blogs.

The thing with the RCMP is that every time I request info, I find things that I never expected too. For example, I knew about the Blue Passort and the Red Passport for Diplomats. However, there’s a Green Passport that is issued to the RCMP when they cross the border on Law Enforcement business. So, if you suspect a Canadian is a FED, ask to see their passport, this will expose them as Law Enforcement if the cover is any cover other than blue.

Here’s the highlights of this release: