Dark Days Ahead

The results are in, and it’s something.

We all have a common enemy, and it’s the Harper Government. This is a majority government that was elected by using the First Past the Post system and represents a radical, religious minority. This is a government that wants every freedom-loving person in jail. Harper is fucking evil, and his government must be opposed at every turn. I’m not exaggerating either. If you’re not a rich white male who believes in the apocalypse, Harper is your enemy, and you are the enemy of the Conservative Party.

So, where do we go from here?

Well, we need every tactic that we have to stop this government. We need to not be afraid not use tactics that have is working with the state and other tactics that people won’t agree with. We need to organize, and we need to organize both openly and in secret, based on the new terrain. We’ve seen that with the recent cases of Byron Sonne and Jaggi Singh that Harper is looking to lock up all political enemies starting with the most radical.

We need to figure out how to do the following

  • Protect families AGAINST the Harper Regime</li>
  • Confronting Stephen Harper whenever he enters our communities and doing our best to FORCE HIM OUT</li>
  • Supporting those who oppose the Harper regime</li>
  • Having a giant tent of resistance against this new, and more dangerous threat</li>
  • How to fight for the Internet</li> </ul> Now is not the time to pick apart people's political beliefs, we are all under attack from this new threat. We must fight back, and we have to fight to win. Stephen Harper hates me, he hates you and he hates every person who doesn't give him his power. This government needs to be confronted wherever it tries to rear its ugly head. We have to pick the battles, but we need to fight these fuckers, because they are out to destroy us.