RIP: 12th and Clark

Hey folks

Anyone who has been involved with Radical Organizing in Vancouver has probably heard of the 12th and Clark collective, who have done more for Anarchism and Anarchist Organizing than any other group in the city in recent times. Sadly, they have to close their doors due to the immense pressure of the City of Vancouver and their landlord. In their short time, they have run countless events, and have definitely upped the ante on the struggle against the state.

Below is their callout, I’ll definitely try to attend this final party!

To all friends of Anarchy,

12th and Clark has just received a final eviction notice! As many of you know we have been already been pressured to shut our doors by the city and this is now the final gavel falling.

And so, we are hosting a farewell party this Sunday - May Day, starting at 7pm. We are going out in cabaret style. So if you have a song (“a las barricadas” etc..), poem, reading or some thing else to share please do so.

Bring snacks or drinks if you like.

Our apologies for the extremely short notice, we just found out yesterday. We know this space is dear to a lot of hearts. May we carry on the energy we created together through this space into our many projects and into the streets.

We will have more to say about this when we have more time for writing.

Please forward the invitation to all those who aim for a stateless and classless humanity.

Starts @7pm Through the back door.

With love and solidarity, 12th and Clark </em>