I voted, and I got a faulty ballot

This election is a pretty critical election for the Internet. I normally don’t vote, because I believe that First Past the Post is a screwed up and criminal system that favours the existing parties in power, but also makes elections EXTREMELY predictable</a>. However, Vancouver Kingsway was Too-Close-To-Call, and despite my Anarchist tendancies, I decided to go vote.

I went and voted, and I got a faulty ballot.

Normally, a ballot looks like this. (Pulled from Elections Canada’s website</a>) <img src=”” alt=”” title=”sample_ballot” width=”300” height=”246” class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-377” /></a>

All the candidates are clearly visible, as well as their political affiliations if they have any. Now, the ballot I got was similar to this: <img src=”” alt=”” title=”misprint_ballot” width=”300” height=”246” class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-378” /></a>

Now, I added the change in contrast, but the Text was mis-alligned causing confusion as to who to cast a ballot for, and as such spoiling this ballot. The riding that I’m in, Vancouver-Kingsway, can be described as a two-way race between Wendy Yuan of the Liberal Party and Don Davies of the NDP. Don Davies is who I eventually voted for because of his track record on the Public Safety Committee, were the committee recommended that they fire Richard Fadden, the chief of CSIS. He also called for a federal inquiry into the G8/G20, and actually cares about the stuff that I do, which is why I voted for him. However, even though this riding would not fall to the Conservatives due to their horrid candidate, I expect the conservatives to use dirty tricks to try and get this riding back.

That being said, I don’t think that the Cons caused the faulty ballots, and after talking to the Poll Officer and a supervisor at Elections Canada, I managed to get a new ballot and cast my vote. If you do decide to vote today, please make sure that your ballot is readable and looks like the sample above. Also, if you suspect any tampering of ballots, report it to Elections Canada, or the Scrutineers for each of the Political Parties.