Jaggi Singh's Plea Bargain - The further criminalization of dissent

The machine has forced another person to take a plea bargain for in my opinion is a fucking thought crime. Jaggi Singh is a veteran activist who has been involved with Social Justice organizing in both Vancouver and in Montreal for over a decade now. He is someone who is very familiar with the way the state will come and attack people, and he is one of the G20 defendants.

Now, he was charged with being part of a “G20 Criminal Conspiracy”, which is far more serious than what he eventually pled guilty to. However, bargaining with the state is sort of like Thermonuclear War in Wargames, which the only way you can really win is to not play. The fact that Jaggi is taking the Counselling Mischief charge is because the state has him backed into a corner and he had no choice. As a well-known radical activist in Canada, the state has collected tons of information on him, similar to what was collected on me, but definitely more extensive.

To get the idea of what they collected, here’s the evidence</a> they used to convict Jaggi of “counselling mischief”. The evidence consists of a speech that Jaggi made where he talks about tearing down the G20 Security Fence. Now, when you look at the Twitter feed of Jaggi Singh</a> in particular, you can see it’s full of Activist rhetoric, and is not any different from my Twitter feed. Furthermore, due to the nature of Twitter, you can see how other people get caught into the fray by a simple re-tweet</a>.

I wish that I sent in a letter of support to Jaggi. Sure, some of what he’s said in numerous years has pissed me off due to its arrogance, but the fact that what people are happy to say to you in person is being used to convict them under the guise of “counselling mischief” is some of the most fucked up shit ever. This just goes to show that if I ‘showed leadership’, I’d be in jail now too.

Everyone should be outraged by the concept of “Counselling Mischief”, because it takes away the concept of personal responsibility. Even if you are not a hardened Anarchist or Marxist who believes that the state is a fundamentally racist regime, the fact that they can determine where you go and what you say the moment they disagree with your political opinion in this country is something that, as Shit Harper Did</a> has said, “would shock and horrify most Canadians”.