Does this ATIP belong to you?

According to the RCMP, I requested the following information:

a list of all the completed ATIP requests from January 2008 until April 5th, 2011 related to the following topics: Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit (V2010 ISU), G8-G20 Integrated Security Unit (G8-G20 ISU), Anarchism (including southern Ontario Anarchist Network (SOAR) and CLAC Montreal, Information security (i.e. Tech Fraud, Cybercrime, Hacking, Ottawa RBC Bank Bombings). </em>

It’s not quite what I requested, but it’s close enough. Anyway, I got my request filled, and I got back four lists based on some simple reports that were run on their AccessATIP software, (Which looks a lot like a simple VB front-end on an MS Access Database or MS-SQL DB). Here’s what I got from it!