Wikileaks, OpenLeaks, DDB and Omar Khadr

OK, this first post is basically just a rough set of thoughts that are going through my head after the initial release of the WikiLeaks Guantanamo Bay Prisoner Reports. From a Canadian perspective, the big reveal is the document about Omar Khadr</a> which talks about how he was cooperative, but was unwilling to give up his beliefs. I don’t feel that there is anything new that needs to be reported, and the CBC piece</a> on this covers it rather well.

The thing that I do find interesting is the Globe and Mail piece where, once again, CSIS funds an informant only to find out that the informant didn’t actually defect</a>. This is even worse than the Grant Bristow</a> case where he accidentally ended up being first in line for the leadership spot in the Heritage Front.

Finally, there’s something really fucked up about these releases, and the whole Bradley Manning angle. The fucking assholes at WIRED point out that this is one of the last releases that Bradley Manning was alleged to have leaked to WikiLeaks. This means that without a doubt that releasing these documents and profiting from the while Bradley Manning rots in jail may be considered morally wrong by many people. Personally, I don’t think that it’s wrong for WikiLeaks to get funds to keep going, since that’s where the documents ended up. However, if Daniel Domscheit-Berg leaked the documents to the Guardian and the New York Times as revenge against Julian Assange, who AFAIK, is the last person standing at Wikileaks, then I’m seriously wondering about whether Daniel got money from it, and whether that money is going to the Bradley Manning Legal Defense Fund.

When I first read Daniel’s book, I had sympathy for the guy, since I was able to put myself in his shoes. Then I thought about how he shut down the WikiLeaks submission system with “The Architect” and how bullshit it really is to say that it was shut down because the system was proprietary. As far as I know, you can do the same fucking thing as the WikiLeaks submission system with a fucking upload form that e-mails an address written in a microframework like Flask. You don’t need magic programming skills to send your log files to /dev/null, and you can just harden whatever box you’re running your software on. If you keep the code as small as possible and run the tiniest amount of code as possible, chances are that you can have a submission system that would work in most cases. The techonology doesn’t seem like the hard part in this at all.

Of course, I know NOTHING about what you need to do to make sure that things are cleaned. I don’t know if it’s better practice to strip the EXIF data or the PDF Metadata from a document to allow for anonymity, or to keep it so that you can verify the source. I also don’t know how much data you’d want to take from a person. I also don’t know if you want to preserve the original filename or give it a UUID that is randomly generated so that you have no idea what’s in it. Of course, weren’t we supposed to have this great wiki at OpenLeaks to answer all these questions so that people don’t make mistakes and put people at risk. Also, wasn’t this wiki supposed to have the legal situation for all countries about which countries are safe to publish in, and which countries are safe to setup a server in?

Finally, did Courage to Resist, or David E. Coombs receive any of the money from the sales of Daniel Domscheit-Berg’s book? That book did really well, and it was featured in fucking Chapters in Canada for two weeks before it made its way to the ass-end of the bookstore. Where did the money go? How much money went to Bradley Manning? Is it all being saved up to hire a lawyer to defend against the claims of Julian Assange and others? Is it possible that a lot of that information was made up? Also, is the money from the Movie Rights that Speilberg is buying going to Manning? If so, David Coombs should have a huge legal team, right?

The more time passes, the more it looks like Daniel Domscheit-Berg is full of shit. I do wonder if the United States is going to start going after him and other disgruntled ex-Wikileaks staff people. While I think that Julian Assange is an egotistical asshole, and I will never buy a shirt from his Spreadshirt store unless I see someone else take over, it’s clear that DDB isn’t any better, and that we’re dealing with a ton of liars and con-men of various stripes. It’s a really fucked up world where DDB and Assange can go on about their moral high ground, while anyone associated with the United States gets continuous harassment, or in Bradley Manning’s case, jailed and being charged with treason.

I wish I had answers, all I have now are questions!