Book Review: Our Friendly Local Terrorist

The most recent book that discusses the current security intelligence system is the book by Mary Jo Leddy called “Our Friendly Local Terrorist</a>” put out by Between the Lines Books. This book covers the case of Suleyman Goven, an Alevi Kurd who fled Turkey for Toronto and struggled to survive in Canada, despite the fact that there were no supports for him in this country.

It’s a very quick read at 142 pages, and it’s a fascinating read, partly because Suleyman Goven is hardcore! Most other people would have given into CSIS demands, or moved on to try another country to settle to. However, Suleyman Goven dug his heels in and fought CSIS for over a decade. This review by</a> is far more useful than anything that I’m going to go into here.

In short, I highly recommend reading this book, since it is AFAIK, the most recent account of dealings with CSIS, as it deals with the mentality of CSIS after the Cold War. Furthermore, it deals with Ward Elcock’s CSIS and Jim Judd’s CSIS, showing a consistency of racism, lies and outright deception. If you have any sense of moral decency at all, this book will cause you to have a serious dislike for the spy agency that goes out of its way to be as opaque as possible, and to ruin the lives of refugees who are looking to make a new home in Canada in the name of “National Security”.