Old Enemies

I noticed that I mis-configured my server recently when I tried to be clever. After I got the IP of a couple more govt. agencies that I don’t particularly like, I tried to give them their own special “FUCK YOU” pages, and it turns out that this didn’t work. The RCMP visited my page and it seems that nginx got stuck in a redirection loop.

2011/04/15 15:56:51 [error] 29152#0: *14420 rewrite or internal redirection cycle while processing "/rcmp.html", client:, server:, request: "GET /visu/iif.pdf HTTP/1.1", host: "", referrer: "" </code>

What we do see is that someone at the RCMP was googling for myself and Corene Rathgeber, who is a criminologist that the RCMP decided not to redact the name of in my files. Of course, at the time, I don’t think the RCMP knew that I would take the documents and stick them all online. As for why I’m publishing a civillian’s name, it’s because this person conducted Open Source surveillance on various Anarchists, Aboriginal Activists, members of No 2010 Victoria, members of the Olympic Resistance Network and “OTHER”. I’ve been keeping track of all the names that appear, and have been keeping track of who has been googled so far:

  • Cst. Georges El-Azzi - Most common name among Anti-Olympics Activists. He did the foot-work, waited around in alleyways, and is someone who I personally despise. I hope he fucks up one day, and is booted off the force for doing what he does best, which is being an asshole and violating the Charter.</li>
  • Paul Huston - Anti-Terrorist Specialist with the RCMP. He was clearly assigned to the JIG due to the direct actions that were happening as one of their professional officers. He's been googled by what looks like third parties looking into his background, so I think something is up with Sgt. Huston</li>
  • Ryan Kenny - He comes up as well, he was also involved with JIG. It's likely he was googling himself, and stumbled upon it and read the post</li> </ul> I decided to grep my log for names, I grepped for Georges, as in Georges El-Azzi, and I found that someone from Surrey was looking him up and that he was again googled in March from an iPhone on Rogers. That tells me that he's still active in the Vancouver area, since I don't think he googled himself that many times. Kenny and Huston were googled as well, and it appears that the first time Rathgeber was googled, it was from a Shaw account in the Vancouver area as well. I'm certain that posting the names of the RCMP officers and staff responsible for harassing activists in the ramp-up to the Olympics pisses them off because of the fact that every time they attempt to do their jobs, someone will Google their names, find this page, and learn about what they did during the games and what to expect from the RCMP when they try to infiltrate something else. It's about time activists neutralized the RCMP threat using transparency instead of the RCMP using COINTELPRO tactics to "neutralize" us!