CBSA Privacy Act FAIL (now with bonus VPD content)

Now, the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit consisted of the following groups:

  • RCMP</li>
  • VPD</li>
  • West Vancouver PD</li>
  • CSIS</li>
  • Canadian Forces (DND)</li>
  • CBSA</li> </ul> Now, of all of these groups, it's safe to say that the RCMP, VPD, CSIS and CBSA are the four groups that had a direct role in spying during the games. The DND may have sicked CSEC on me as well, but I'm going to wait until I get evidence that they were even used. I first requested information from the RCMP, because based on the Memorandum of Understanding that was received through ATIP, the RCMP was the central custodian of these records. However, that being said, I knew that it was worthwhile asking the other agencies. I filed the same request with the VPD that I filed with the RCMP, and they said that the RCMP has custody of those records, and that they have no access to that information. We know that this is a complete and total lie, since the VPD does have access to PRIME. However, I don't see it worthwhile to complain to the Privacy Commissioner of BC yet. I also filed a request with CBSA about all the information that they have on me from this same time period. The first request was using the same language, and I was asked to provide more information within 30 days. I thought that I failed to do that, so I filed a new request including the information that they asked for, as well as a request asking for their copy of the file that they gave to the RCMP, including any letters from the RCMP and correspondence that they sent back to the RCMP. So far, I only got back my traveller's record from this period, which is really unimpressive, since it only indicates when I get back into Canada. I decided that this was complete bullshit and I called CBSA today about it. It turns out that the CBSA didn't close the earlier request after all. After calling the first analyst that worked on my file, and then quit, I ended up calling the ATIP Analyst that her voicemail referred me to. I found out that the CBSA ATIP people were still working on the first request, and that it will have all the information as opposed to this one which was just the traveller's record, that tells me NOTHING. This includes the information that was gathered from when I was detained at the border when I was coming back from Toorcamp, as well as the information about my extended visit to Trudeau Airport. Once this is done, the next task is to ATIP CBSA about all their completed ATIPs over the past two years. I plan to do the same thing with CSIS as well, to see if anyone ever bothers to ATIP CSIS about anything.