Getting serious about ATIP

So, until now, I’ve been pissing around with ATIP on my spare time, and I didn’t actually look at how to get information until today. It turns out that Chad Skelton, the guy that I knew for writing articles about being a Curious Dad actually specializes in ATIP and FOI and maintains the Paper Trail blog on the Vancouver Sun website</a>.

It’s interesting getting his take on the whole ATIP/FOI regime in Canada. He also provides far more information on ATIP and FOI on his blog, including this series of links from David McKie at CBC</a>. He also talks about the issues with fees associated with FOI and ATIP and how they’re prohibitive and that when combined with the full disclosure that BC Ferries practices, discourages the media from requesting it since news publications make their money off the publication.

This makes perfect sense when you think about it, since WikiLeaks tried both models, and found that exclusivity worked better than relying simply on the analysis of the documents. The case in point is the various huge leaks that WikiLeaks has released in 2010, such as the Afghan War Diaries, the Iraq War Logs, and of course, the US Diplomatic Cables. While people like David Eaves may argue otherwise, the fact is that other than a tiny core of activists who spend their spare time grinding on this data, the bulk of the requests come from mainstream journalists who have the money to do this.

Anyway, this is mostly linkspam talking about how this is a good resource: