Update on Activities

Today, I just received the official response to my ATIP request regarding Wikileaks, Julian Assange and Wikileaks supporters in Canada. Turns out that the RCMP is not doing an official investigation regarding Wikileaks at this time. It could mean that they’re keeping it off the books, or that it was just some person who was interested in checking out at the RCMP. The problem with the RCMP is that if all you have is a log entry to go on, you can’t tell if they are investigating you. The main reason I know that they were investigating me was the fact that they visited my home and my work. I had no idea how extensive the file they had on me was, and that they were primarily using my old blog as evidence (and I’m certain that they are using this blog as evidence as well, although I have no idea what yet.)

I also received the notice of receipt of my ATIP request to see if I could confirm if CSEC (in this case, it’s SIGINT, but could be anyone) has attended Black Hat, ShmooCon, Toorcon, DEFCON, HOPE and the Chaos Communications Congress. It’s interesting to get something from the Department of National Defence, since they are pretty straight forward with their language, and let you know exactly who this request is assigned. Also, the DND has a Toll Free Number, which is totally awesome for ATIP, ad a list of ATIP requests that have actually been completed. I expect that I will be able to get documents a lot faster with them. I expect them to be redacted to uselessness, but I expect them to be more efficient than the black hole that is CSIS.

On the Provincial Front, the mystery of PRIME-BC continues. I got a call from the FOI office in Victoria about my request, and after a long conversation where they try and figure out whether PRIMECorp is a crown corporation or not, I end up getting a response asking for their statements from the Ministry of Public Safety and the Solicitor General. I’m not the only person trying to get this information, but I think that I’m the only non-journalist that is trying to get it. They did advise me to try and contact PRIMECorp directly for the information, and I probably will send them that info.

It should be noted that nobody has gotten back to me about the lack of an SSL Certificate on their FOI form.

Finally, I have submitted my talk for Chaos Communications Camp</a>, or more accurately, I have created an event in pentabarf that I will keep working on until the submission deadline of May 1. Of course, announcing my vacation plans on my blog is partly what got me to be a “Critical Threat to Olympics Infrastructure</a>” in the first place, but honestly I think that the RCMP is already really pissed off at what happens when I show “Leadership”. I can’t guarantee that I am going, but I will do my best to try to get there.

As usual, I do a best effort to try and disclose all the documents that I receive. Below are the two letters with their SHA1SUMs included: