RCMP on Wikipedia

One of the funny things that you can see when you have the RCMP IP address is their edits on Wikipedia. The RCMP edits on Wikipedia a lot. Now, of course this is workforce of over 30,000 people, and over the years it appears that the RCMP has a very poor reputation on Wikipedia for posts like this:

<img src=”” alt=”” title=”RCMP_1” width=”300” height=”96” class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-256” /></a>

Yes, the RCMP really did edit this article and put in “MY Bum Hurts!!!”. Honestly, you should go get that checked out! Anyway, the RCMP has a LOT of vandalism warnings, if you look at their talk page here</a>, you can see them! They have numerous complaints of unproductive edits, and the Wikipedia admins threaten to ban them from Wikipedia altogether.

Now, most of these edits are valid, even though some of them do silence people who’s only outlet to reach the RCMP is by vandalizing their Wikipedia page.

<img src=”” alt=”” title=”Murderers” width=”300” height=”69” class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-259” /></a>

The thing is that this fact is true, the RCMP did kill a lot of First Nations people, but of course it doesn’t belong in this part of the Wikipedia article. What is truly a testament to the resisliency of Wikipedia is the Robert Dziekanski Wikipedia page. The RCMP tried to edit the page</a>, and the Wikipedia Community reverted it back</a> because they felt it was POV. I don’t know if they knew that it was the RCMP doing it, but honestly their anal-retentive nature pays off for once.

While I’m unimpressed with what they did to the CSIS article, I’m definitely impressed that they caught the RCMP trying to re-write history, even if it’s something mundane. It’s nice to the RCMP not get away with that edit. This is a really short post, but I’d figure the whole 10 people reading my blog (including CSIS), would appreciate it.