Update: Review Hell

I asked the RCMP about my requests, and currently all but three of them are under review. For those of you who are new to this blog, and the process of the Access to Information and Privacy Act, I will explain what review is. When you send in an ATIP request to the RCMP, or any other organization, the organization will try to get all the documentation that it can first, usually with good faith. I say usually, because I have no idea what happens at CSIS! Then once the organization gets the data, the begin the process of figuring out what they can give you. There are various exemptions that they can do to the data. For example, if the data has personal information, they can pull that out. If it has information that may endanger their case, they can pull that out. They can also pull information that may be a “national security risk”.

Now, unlike CSIS, who as we saw before will just flat out deny you the information, the RCMP will actually provide you with the info that you requested. However, in certain cases, they will use their discretion to hold data back, and usually in the RCMP’s case, this is done by a commanding officer acting under the authority of the Commissioner of the RCMP. You can tell this if you look at the Privacy Act requests that I filed. Sometimes these will make perfect sense, and other times they will make no sense whatsoever, since they will redact a single word.

The problem with reviews is that they take time, and your request can sit their for months before you actually get the damned thing back. The case in point with the first request I did. The work was all done in 30 days, and it took another 30 days for the RCMP to hear back from CBSA, and the CBSA just said “Everything looks good here!”. Honestly, these delays must drive the ATIP people absolutely crazy, since they have this thing that they want to get out of their hair so that they can make their stats better, and someone in another department is taking their time for some reason or another.

In other news, I got my Intake Letter from the BC Freedom of Information. It basically states that they received the request that I filled out with their insecure web form, and that they will look into it within a certain timeframe. It’s pretty routine, and they state that I will probably have to pay money for the materials. I made a pretty broad search, so I expect the fee to be fairly hefty.

I did NOT get a response to my e-mail asking about their lack of SSL on the form. I expect that I’m going to get ignored. As usual, the link to the PDF is below, with the SHA1SUM included.