More about Research

These days, I find myself trying to fill gaps in knowledge about secret clandestine tactics used by the Canadian Government against the Canadians. I signed out a few books from the library based on a tip in the Wikipedia article. Unfortunately, one of those books was “Inside Canadian Intelligence</a>”. This book was a rather painful read, not because it was poorly written, but because of the extreme Right-Wing slant that it took where it talked about Terrorism, and how Canada needs to protect its borders, etc, etc.

The book itself was written by four authors, Dwight Hamilton, Kostas Rimsa, John Thompson and Robert Matas. Of these four authors, only two of them have actually served time in military intelligence. John Thompson is from a Right Wing think tank called the Mackenzie Institute, which was one of the targets of a mail-bombing campaign by an Anarchist Collective that was in Vancouver called Militant Direct Action Task Force, that appears to have ties to the Animal Liberation Front and Earth Liberation Front. Anyway, this is an interesting read, since they do describe Anarchists as being a threat to security, but mostly focus on the main threat to them, which is, of course Al Queda.

The book isn’t a terrible read when you realize that the author is someone that you have the urge to kick squarely in the nuts, and it has two interesting piece of information that is directly relevant to the modern era, where we have things such as WikiLeaks.

In the 1970s, there was a Magazine called Covert Action that apparently had the names of various CIA operatives who were later executed. The magazine was described as an underground magazine, and the book stated that people had the right to know. What I want to know is where is this copy of Covert Action, and what did happen with it? Surely if something like this actually happened in the 1970s, we would have heard it mentioned as precedent when the WikiLeaks Afghan War Diaries, or the Iraq War Logs came out. However, we haven’t heard anything about this, which makes me think that this is probably a load of bullshit. If anyone has any leads on this, please feel free to let me know, so that I can look into it.

The 2nd piece of information is about what happened at the Ottawa Citizen, and exposes the mindset of the authors. It talks about the case of when the home of Juliet O’Neill, a journalist with the Citizen, was raided by the RCMP because of a leaked document related to the Maher Arar case. The Citizen’s offices were also raided in connection with this case. Eventually, when this went to the Supreme Court of Ontario, certain sections of the infamous Security of Information Act were struck down</a>, namely those sections that, if they stood today, would make WikiLeaks mirrors, and Canadian Clones of WikiLeaks, such as QuebecLeaks</a>, illegal operations.

That being said, I’m going to issue a clear warning about this to any overzealous organizations out there what the stakes are in this. The Security of Information Act is serious business, and more serious than killing Internet Dragons! This is a piece of legislation that was put in place after 9/11. While any confidential information that is received by an organization can be made anonymous, protecting the source, soliciting this information could be considered counselling or inciting the offence. This means that if you plan on doing something like purchasing a set of USB keys with Incognito or TAILS to give to various government workers so that they can blow the whistle, you’re going to go to jail and be charged with this. If you show a wide audience, you aren’t doing it.

Personally, I believe in personal responsibility. I’ve had friends who were investigated for Counselling Mischief even though they explicitly were not. In my opinion, the fact that sharing ideas can be considered counselling mischief means that there’s a lot of fucking Thought Crime legislation in this country! If you think that it’s OK for certain technical concepts, or ideas to be spoken out loud because someone might go out and try them, then I would say that you’re a fascist. This is why I believe that Byron Sonne should be freed, and also why I believe that the conspiracy charges against the various people who are still charged because of the G20 should be dropped.

At any rate, I’m going to be looking at some different books about the RCMP, CSIS and CSE, this time from a more radical perspective. It’s about time too, if I had to read one more fucking book about how the RCMP didn’t learn anything from the “Litton Bomber Terrorists</a>”, I was going to fucking puke! Although, I do look forward in reading the 2nd Edition</a> of this book and seeing if the section about the CSE is updated with more info than “ZOMG HACKERS WE’RE DOOMED”.