Grouse Mountain UFO Myth: BUSTED

I heard an urban legend about the Grouse Mountain gondola lights apparently being mistaken for UFOs, and that the RCMP after receiving numerous complaints, apparently decided to tell Grouse Mountain to please keep those lights off. Of course, since I was sending a bunch of these ATIPs in anyway, I decided to check it out. Turns out that the RCMP can’t find any records of any calls about the lights, or claims that they were UFOs, and the RCMP did not request that the lights get turned off at Grouse Mountain. Sure, I could have asked Grouse Mountain management about it, and saved the $5, but that would be boring, and I wouldn’t have the form to show for it.

I also got a response for my request to know who from the RCMP was attending DEFCON, where the RCMP admitted that while they keep track of every conference I go to, and where I go on vacation, they do not record information on atendance to specific conferences for their employees. At least SOMEONE isn’t being spied on in this country! Anyway, I’m going to narrow it down to Ottawa and see what that comes up with. I know that one person who trains the RCMP goes to hacker cons, let’s see if the RCMP does as well.

Most importantly, I got the notification letter regarding my G20 request. I think this request is the most important request that I ever filed, since the information in this request could change many Canadians cases against the OPP and the Toronto Police. This is the Memorandum of Understanding between the RCMP and the Provincial and Municipal Police, as well as CSIS for the G8G20ISU. A very similar thing was requested from the V2010ISU, and this helped expose much of the collaboration between the agencies. What it didn’t expose is the change from investigating building fraud to the criminalisation of dissent.

As usual, here are the files in question with their SHA1SUMs, they are scanned in at a lower format for easier downloading: