Tor is used by the US Govt? The Sky is Blue? HOLY SHIT!!!

(Disclaimer: I like to think that I’m still friends with Jacob Appelbaum, but I don’t agree with him on every single issue, and what I’m going to say below is going to be critical of the amount of code he currently has in the Tor project. But yeah, if you’re ever skeptical of something, it’s good to have proof)</em>

Recently, there’s been a lot of noise on PGPBOARD and Cryptome about Tor, Jacob Appelbaum and the US Government spying on you. There’s been suspicions of backdoors and other inproprieties with the Tor project. First, let’s deal with the allegations against Jacob Appelbaum saying that he hacked the Tor proejct. Tor is open source and I checked out the latest copy and did git blames over the files. As far as projects that I hack on go, Tor is a rather small project in comparison to most web projects, let alone WebKit, Firefox, the Linux Kernel or anything like that. Therefore, it took me less than an hour to go through all the files that Jacob touched and to read through them. Most of the changes are in the compatibility code. Of course, he co-wrote tor-fw-helper, so he owns all of that code.

The files he touched in the repo I checked out were the following: