Recently, a Burnaby NOW reporter pointed out that 8 out of 10 British Columbians are in the PRIME-BC Database</a>, which is used when doing a Criminal Records check. What’s interesting is that the BCCLA seems to still have information stating that this is in here if you are arrested and charged</a>. The fact is that you don’t have to be criminally charged to end up with a file, you just have to not be a fan of the Olympics, or some other Special Event.

When I requested my information from the RCMP, I found that I appeared in PRIME twice for Anti-Olympics activism, with my crime being listed as ZZZZSPECIAL EVENTS. My files are in the police database, and are accessible to every law enforcement agent in the Province. Now, the BCCLA wrote a letter to Shirley Bond</a>, who is now the Solicitor General (we are so totally fucked), complaining about this, but if you think this will change anything, you’re clearly new to this blog.

Anyway, when searching for information on PRIME, it seems that it’s run by a Crown Corporation called PRIMECorp. However, the BC Government only has two entries on its website about PRIMECorp, and the BurnabyNow had this report about PRIMECorp</a> that they filed where they revealed the shocking news about the secret government database. (Yes, that is Comic Sans)</em>

While this claims to be a Crown Corporation, there is very little documentation on the BC Government website, and most of the information appears to be with the RCMP, who appear to be the only ones actually evaluating it. Of course, the RCMP being a police service that wants to make their job easier, see nothing wrong with having 80% of the population in a database. They did find issues with the system not complying with the Treasury Board Poilicies, and did an audit of it in February 2008.</a>

Unlike EComm, the RCMP has an FAQ that actually covers a fair bit</a>, but we’re left with these questions about PRIME: