Ward Elcock

I’ve been researching CSIS a bit, and as usual, I went to Wikipedia to read up on CSIS. Of course, the Wiki-fascists decided that the CSIS article was FAR to biased, and no group could be that incompetent and act out of malice like that. However, there was one person who kept hammering on it, and he fortunately wrote his own version of the CSIS article and had it in his user section. It was very well sourced, and the most damning stuff was based on the book Covert Entry: Spies, Lies and Crimes inside Canada’s Secret Service</a>. I recently signed this and another book called Smokescreen: Canadian Security Intelligence after September 11, 2001</a> as well as a few other books on CSIS that turned out to be very poorly written, with one of them being so bad that I returned it after reading about 10 pages.

What I noticed about Smokescreen and Covert Entry is that they referred to the CSIS Director at the time of the writing, Smokescreen was about Judd, who uttered the well known “paroxysms of moral outrage”</em> that we all know about, as well as the complaints that CSIS is arrogant. Judd may be an asshole, but he’s an improvement over Ward Elcock, and here’s why I say that! The book implies that the secret activity that John Farrell was engaged in ended up endangering the agency and that Ward Elcock took the fall for it. However, I don’t have anything to back this up.

Why am I talking about an old CSIS Director who left over a decade ago? Because he was Bud Mercer’s boss, and was also in charge of the G20 security</a>,and is partially responsible for the largest arrest of Canadians ever! That’s why I’m mentioning Ward Elcock! I find it interesting that nobody has pointed out that this guy is at large and has bounced around as a senior burecratic asshole in charge of dirty tricks in various agencies for the past two decades!

I honestly don’t have a lot of time to keep track of senior Canadian Govt. bureaucrats since I’m too busy with my day job, but the fact that these people keep showing up like a bad penny should make someone suspicious. I mean, seriously, the man who ran CSIS when CSIS was stealing people’s mail was the Federal Official in charge of the security for the Olympics and G20?? This is starting to make sense, but there’s definitely more info out there that needs to be investigated, and I hope that people look into this.