RCMP has received your $5.00 application fee

I got another batch of letters. This time they sent 4 of them at once. Remember how I sent a bunch last week? Anyway, here’s what happened so far:

  • - The RCMP said that they aren't processing this request. Going to let this one go, since it's literally just me asking "Are you investigating my blog?". I blocked the RCMP proxy, and if they're able to turn it off, then there's no real way of me knowing that they're reading the blog. This probably blocks 90% of the force based on the user agent strings</li>
  • Vancouver Hack Space - The request was filed, and it'll be processed in due course. Honestly, I think that if corporations are legal entities than as a member of the Board of Directors, I should be authorized to use the Privacy Act to request this information, and I shouldn't have to spend $5. That's just being nit picky, though!</li>
  • WikiLeaks, Julian Assange and WikiLeaks supporters in Canada - Since Julian Assange is a person, I would require a signed form from Julian authorizing me to search his records for him. Since I've slammed him on my blog numerous times, I highly doubt that Julian would give me such a form. (In fact, he would probably say I'm a fucking idiot, and a fucking fameseeking leech or something, based on what I know of him, and my brief conversation with him about the Olympics!)</em>. Anyway, I decided to remove his name and just seek info on WikiLeaks. I'm certain the RCMP are investigating whistleblowers, and are cooperating with the US Government, so it's worth asking</li>
  • Canadian Hackerspaces - Given the fact that Byron Sonne is associated with, and the fact that we have documents indicating that the RCMP was concerned about the Vancouver Hackers Society, as well as logs, this was simply a defensive measure to see what the RCMP knows about Hackerspaces, and whether they are investigating hackerspaces. I'm not naive enough to think that they aren't, and since VHS has already been under surveillance isn't going to add more heat on it.</li> </ul> So far, my stats with the RCMP are as follows:
    • 2 Privacy Act Requests Processed</li>
    • 1 Access to Information Request Processed</li>
    • 2 Privacy Act Requests Rejected - Garbage In, Garbage Out!</li>
    • 6 Access to Information Requests Pending</li> </ul> The breakdown of the requests based on File No are as follows:
      • GA-3951-3-00264/11 - Request of Information Regarding ORN, APC and - January 17th, 2011 - Past original 30 day deadline and is most likely late due to redactions and sheer size of the material.</li>
      • GA-3951-3-00313/11 - Requesting information on the IIF - January 19, 2011 - Also past the 30 day deadline, and I do not know why this is the case</li>
      • GA-3951-3-00416/11 - Anarchist Information in BC - January 25, 2011 - Also past the 30 day deadline, most likely extended because this is going to be ridiculously huge, and I probably won't be able to afford the costs associated with this data.</li> </ul> Admittedly, any time I draft an ATIP request, it's a fishing expedition, since I have no idea whether the documents even exist. Sometimes I'm surprised and the documents turn out to be insane, like the first request that started it all, and other times I'm generally underwhelmed by the state of the Access to Information Act. It'd be good if these requests started coming back soon, so I can see what's in them. I still have to request information about HBGary, G20 questions, and questions about their aging IT infrastructure, namely why the Government of Canada still uses Windows XP Service Pack 1 and Internet Explorer 6. However, I'm not expecting anything to happen any time soon.