ATIP Request Complete - The El-Azzi List

I contacted the RCMP and I received via e-mail the information that I requested, except that I didn’t. What I asked for was the number of people who were on the infamous Anarchist List, which had a list of all the Anarchists and other activists who were Persons of Interest to the V2010ISU-JIG. What I got on the other hand was the list with more headers. So, for certain we know who was targeted:

  • Anarchists</li>
  • Anti-Poverty Committee</li>
  • Olympic Resistance Network</li>
  • Aboriginal Activists</li>
  • No 2010 Victoria</li>
  • Other</li> </ul> Now, obviously there is overlap between these groups, but the focus seems to be ideological. We already had a copy before with the first Privacy Act request that I did, which may be why this came back a lot faster. I've asked ther RCMP why they failed to provide me with the number, stating that I need it if I am to determine whether it's feasable to get the consent of others for a group ATIP request. So far I haven't heard a response ot this. This hasn't really shown us anything new, except that now we know who they were targeting, and which groups could have been targets of infiltration. This provides more questions than answers. It looks like the end of my ATIP requests to the RCMP isn't going to happen anytime soon. Link to the file: 415.pdf</a> - SHA1SUM - 6d1188ae570b26f1f24ec0743b2c938e39196fee