RCMP and Blogging: Krop Talk

After seeing this at RCMP Watch</a>, I did some googling, and the RCMP needs to be aware that once something is online, it’s online forever. Also, taking a page from the RCMP Anonymity Handbook, I decided to check out Krop Talk, since it’s a Blogger Blog, and Google caches their own properties pretty damn well. I think this sets the tone for the rank and file RCMP:

compassion is one of the RCMP’s core values, and I like to think I stink of core values</em>

This is, of course, him talking about dealing with an impaired driver, but I think that this pretty much goes with most of his rant. I like that he mentions that he was taught about the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in Grade 5. I’m also glad that this officer is in therapy.

Sure am glad that therapy has helped me to freely express myself when I get angry.</em>

Here’s another choice quote: Now anybody that knows me or has even spent any time with me, knows that I do not possess the “filter” that goes from my brain to my mouth. </em>

Sometimes he has some clarity, when he’s talking about the use of Tasers:

Do tasers kill people? I don’t know, but I will tell you what? They sure hurt like hell. It feels like getting electrocuted and kicked by a donkey at the same time. And know what else sucks? Getting peppered sprayed and gassed. But guess what? I have had to get that done in order to be issued these weapons. You think I enjoy using these tools? No I don’t, but at the same time, guess how happy I have been to have had my nose and hand broken while doing my job.</em>

Overall, the RCMP had a chat with the officer, and the blog appears to be gone, redirecting me to a “Sign up for Blogger” page. Apparently he also used derogatory language, and he seems to be rather frustrated with his job. I’d be frustrated if I had to work for the RCMP as well, since the gap between what they demand and what they actually do is so wide that if there was a river flowing in it, you could build a dam and generate 100 MWh of power out of it.

He’s right about Facebook, however I’m surprised that the RCMP hasn’t introduced a basic Online Safety course for these idiots, or perhaps they google people before deciding who gets to join things like the Integrated Security Unit’s Joint Intelligence Group.