Status Update

Things have been very strange with mail recently. I’ve heard back from the RCMP about the ATIP request with the IIF, and they claim that they sent it in the mail. This request will be on CD-ROM, so I don’t have to spend my time trying to scan stuff in. Of course, I don’t have any idea what happened with it. This would be the first Access to Information Request that came back, since the previous two requests were under the Privacy Act.

I also got back a letter from the VPD about my Freedom of Information Act request. They want a photocopy of my Drivers Licence so that they can confirm I am who I say I am before they can give me my records. What’s interesting is that since they’re the Vancouver Police Department, they are really eager for me to actually go to the police station. That’s not going to happen, since I don’t like giving the police opportunity to haul me to a holding cell for any old reason, and I’m paranoid enough these days to think that’s exactly what would happen. I’m probably going to try and mail it in, and try to keep everything by mail. It may be slower, but it’ll keep a paper trail, and it won’t give them any additional opportunities (despite the fact that they know where I live).

I haven’t heard anything back from the other requests yet, however I have about 15 requests out there right now, and I’m probably not going to file any more until I see some cheques cashed. I’ve currently written about $50 worth of cheques to the Receiver General of Canada for all these files, and not a damn cheque has been cashed yet, which isn’t too encouraging, since the RCMP have sent noticies saying that they have received it. I even make it easy for them and I write separate cheques, since I heard stories about the RCMP being unable to do basic math when you file more than one request at a time.

Admittedly, I’m trolling the fuck out of the ATIP office of the RCMP, and once I finish asking about the basic G20 information (Memorandum of Understanding, Organizational Charts, etc), I will probably stop, since while I think the G20 is bullshit, it’s not my fight per-se and I think that someone closer to the communities affected (Hey Toronto, want to pick up the slack? k thx) should really be doing this work. There are certain things that I’ll bug the CBSA about, but I’m not going to send any more ATIPs to the RCMP until I at least see SOMETHING come back out of that black hole.

UPDATE:</strong> This was written before I read Tim Groves stuff. In my opinion he’s doing an excellent job of “picking up the slack”. ATIP is HARD, and you have to keep track of all this stuff, and I look forward to seeing more come out of TMC in the future.